RIESTER Headquarters Designed as a Hub for Collaboration

Published on April 16, 2016


RIESTER’s corporate office relocation gives pause to look at how work place environments are an extension of brand identity. Atmospheres that incubate productivity and creativity will benefit both customers and companies in the long run. Usually architects of exemplary consumer campaigns, “architecting” the new RIESTER offices on prestigious Camelback Road in Phoenix inspired a few guiding principles on how work environments can inspire better output and bigger thinking, while giving a glimpse of RIESTER’s new digs.

Take down the walls. Physical and philosophical walls crush collaboration. If possible, physically situate cross-functional teams in a purposeful fashion. At RIESTER, multi-discipline teams comprised of creative, digital, public relations, media and account management experts are all within earshot of each other to inspire collaboration and real-time conversation. This leads to better strategies and bigger thinking. If permanent shared physical space isn’t an option, create places where collaboration can occur regularly, naturally and freely. Campaigns that integrate all communication disciplines are better poised for success. This means involving all channel experts early on in the planning process and their proximity can play a role.

How bricks and mortar can project culture. Vibrant signage, a welcoming reception area and instant hospitality the moment a guest arrives are part of emitting company culture. It is possible for every corner of the office to be employed to demonstrate brand values. Organizing seating and lunchrooms in a way that dedicates the best views to employees, communicates that they are respected. Glass walls make a statement about the importance of transparency. Big windows command big vision.

View your work environment through the eyes of your customer. When customers experience an environment where everyone is interacting, where collaboration is apparent and the work is visibly humming, their choice in a partner is reaffirmed. Maximizing the office footprint—be it minimalist or more complex—speaks volumes about being good stewards of their resources. Incorporating places where they can get comfortable and even extend their stay sets the stage for spontaneous interactions that can lead to additional idea-generation, more business and even ‘preventative’ troubleshooting.

At RIESTER all of the above is held true. Moreover, on Camelback, the original artwork, fresh flowers, community bicycles, four-legged friends prancing the hallways and a mini dog park on the premises, say that “the details matter”. We hope you’ll visit us soon, in the meantime, pictures of our multi-discipline team collaborative environment, the campaign innovation space, our multi-media real-time monitoring wall, views of Piestewa Peak from the employee café and more can be seen here.