Three Ways to Spark ‘Brand Love’

Published on February 12, 2016



With Valentine’s Day approaching this weekend, we are motivated to share some of our thoughts about creating ‘brand love.’ Working with some of the most passionate ‘brand cupids’ has led to some rules to live by:

Be in the moment. When our partners at Google talk to us about ‘micro-moments’ and what it means to understand decision-making and consumer preferences in real-time, we are constantly reminded that mobile is limitless but only with the right insights. Being on the right device, targeting the right audience within the context of their intent at that particular moment makes for the richest brand intersection that actually creates action.

Be personal. The age of tailor-made customer service and customer communication will continue to crystalize. Invest in the tools that will allow you to learn online customer habits. Better yet, marry what you know about offline behavior with online behavior to support your CRM strategy. Make it a personal choice to unearth behavior patterns and invest the time to create segmented customer paths that speak one-on-one to your audience. Trigger an email cadence that is both meaningful and manageable.

Make commitment easy. Rewards and benefits should be clear on all brand channels so that customer satisfaction comes easy, and make it a point to align all tools—from PPC to the website experience and ads on social. Satisfaction means less chance of a ‘search’ for an alternative product or service to ensue. Know your consumers ‘cost/benefit’ ratio at all times: be dialed into your points of difference and fix your shortcomings.

There’s nothing like the rhythm of a good relationship. Be present in the way you’re expected to be, at the right time and with the right message. Be deliberate and reap the rewards.