VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt’s First National Ad Campaign Launched Today

Published on January 13, 2014

As the very first makers of Greek yogurt in the U.S., family-owned VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt has a long tradition of making authentic, great-tasting Greek yogurt. The California company’s years of experience means VOSKOS® knows exactly what it takes (and what it doesn’t take) to make award-winning Greek yogurt – and the brand’s first national ad campaign showcases this expert dedication to quality.

Straight from the farm to the national stage, the new national television and digital media campaign is part of RIESTER’s integrated branding program that tells the VOSKOS® story: beginning with simple ingredients, VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt makes you feel good about what you’re eating because it’s fresh and authentic.

RIESTER first conducted focus groups to gain insight into what most strongly resonated with consumers about rich and creamy VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt. Based on those learnings, and on subsequent consumer panel testing with AmeriTest, RIESTER created and launched a redesigned voskos.com in November 2013 and produced a 30-second TV commercial with Backyard Productions from Venice California.  The commercial has a close-to-the-earth feel that reflects VOSKOS® authentic approach to making the best-tasting Greek yogurt.

For the freshly redesigned website, the campaign theme “happiness in every spoonful” inspired playful graphics, hand-sketched artwork and bright photography incorporated throughout the site. RIESTER built exceptional user-friendly features for the site like product and recipe filters and a community page that allow users to navigate easily and keep up with the latest updates.

The campaign also includes digital ads, social media assets and mobile elements that advertise VOSKOS® products and healthy recipes.

With simple, fresh ingredients and nothing extra, you can’t help but fall in love with the authentic taste of VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt. Start off the new year right and try VOSKOS® today.