Idahoan’s National Advertising Campaign Debut

Published on November 15, 2013

Idahoan potato farm at sunsetLongtime client, Idahoan® has taken its category of packaged potatoes to many new heights. From delicious flavored mashed potatoes, to hash browns and casseroles, Idahoan continuously showcases why it is an industry leader. Now, Idahoan is going into another new realm for the company – national advertising.

RIESTER began with focus groups to determine how best to introduce Idahoan’s incredibly convenient and delicious products to consumers. Next, Idahoan and RIESTER rebuilt so that it would be responsive to tablet and mobile users.  Then, RIESTER conducted a digital media campaign, which graced computer screens across the nation this past spring.

With knowledge about consumer responsiveness to key messages gained from the digital media campaign, RIESTER developed storyboards for a few different television campaigns. These campaigns were then tested in an online, national survey by Ameritest. Consumers, it was found, demanded authenticity and convenience in their products. Born in Idaho and made from 100% real Idaho® potatoes, Idahoan’s products were a perfect fit.

Debuting today, Idahoan’s new, national television campaign “Idahoan on Your Table” features a real Idahoan potato farmer, Conn Crapo of Skyline Farms, tending to his crop. RIESTER and Cosmic Pictures filmed the television commercial in the heart of Idaho potato country. It shows the essence of how Idahoan farmers are so passionate about what they grow, how real Idaho potatoes go into every package of Idahoan, and how simple and convenient it is to prepare authentic, homemade tasting potatoes in a variety of flavors. The campaign consists of a 30-second television commercial, digital ads and social media elements.

Now that’s what we call delicious! Everytime.

Television Commercial Credits

Cosmic Pictures – Filming

Universal Post – editing and CGI animation

Palmer Sound – sound mix

Jason Barber – music composer