Casino Arionza at Talking Stick Resort is now open

Published on April 16, 2010

Comfortable, modern rooms await guests at the new resort.

Comfortable, modern rooms await guests at the new resort.

Troy Pottgen thanks his colleagues on their accomplishments in relation to the launch of Talking Stick Resort:

At 6 a.m. yesterday, Casino Arizona at Talking Stick Resort opened its doors to the public near Scottsdale. While walking the floor that afternoon, amid happy guests and an even happier client, I was struck by just how much we at RIESTER have touched and shaped the look of this project over the last 18 months.

Our impact is evident in the beautiful brushed steel signs adorning every restaurant and club and featuring the stunning logos of Brooke, Laurie, Azalia, Carlos, Travis and Mike Levario.

It’s in every digital sign displaying the gorgeous food photography so well-organized and overseen by Laurie and Linda Walls.

It’s in each piece of collateral both written and art directed by our team and produced by Bill Robbins and Linda, and it’s in the eblasts, banner ads and social media efforts from our Interactive team.

It’s in the TV and radio commercials for both Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort co-created with the help of Xavier, Ben and Laurie, expertly produced as always by Linda Hart and brought to air by Kari and company in Media.

And it was all brilliantly promoted by Shanna, Jessica Jewell and our PR team, supported by our creative team in Salt Lake City, managed by our smart and resilient Integration team of Tiffany, Jenna and Simon–all under the ever-watchful eyes of Chaz and with the exact amount of guidance from Tom, Skip, Tim and Mirja.

Most marketing agencies never get to build and shape a brand like Talking Stick Resort from the ground up (in this case, both literally and figuratively). But we have, thanks to a long-standing and trusting client who appreciates the value of good, smart work. And while there is still much to do in the coming weeks and months to launch this resort properly to the masses once it is fully complete, I just wanted to share the appreciation I was feeling yesterday for the vast amount of work so many of you have put into this project to date. Thank you, I’m honored to know and work with you all.

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Plan your visit and find more information at the Talking Stick Resort website.